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Diecast Models - MICRO MODELS


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A range of Micro Models and Brentoy models that have been repainted all in non factory colours. They have had home done decals added in some cases to enhance the model or to add interest to it.  Most are not of copies of real live vehicles and but hopefully could pass off as one.  Micro Models have an interesting history and the castings  are as good as any model on the market from their period.  Originally Australian and subsequently made by various New Zealand companies there are many donor castings that became available albeit they are becoming harder to buy cheaply.  If you are a Micro Model collector you would in all probablity have a copy of the book "Micro Models"  published by E D Daw.  The book has been sold out and copies are hard to find. More Micro Model examples can be seen under the heading Code 3.

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