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Sabra (Gamda Koor) is a model made in Israel and features some very nice American classic cars.  They are well made although the bases are plastic and prone to warp or break.  The usually have opening doors and come with interiors and windscreens.  In mint condition some models can fetch tidy sums but some versions are more common than others. They also came in a plastic box featured as a garage. The Cadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toronado seemed to be more common and available as donors.  I was fortunate to get offered a batch of Eldorados from a shopkeeper who had left his models in a heated place and almost all had warped windscreens and interiors as well as damaged bases.  I "cut and pasted " them into the series herein.  Note the "garages" for reference in another area. 

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